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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

December's Litter Pick

Our next litter pick will be on Sunday 9th December at 10.00am. 

Meet as usual by the bus stop at the end of Walnut Lane. Just turn up. Everything will be provided for you. We usually take about 90 minutes before calling it a day.

We realise that there are some people who would be interested in litter picking, but who have other commitments on Sunday mornings. We tend to keep to the second Sunday in each month simply because it is easier to organise when dates are not being changed all the time.

However, if there is anyone who would like to do a litter pick on a different day, say as part of a family walk, or while walking the dog or simply in order to “do your bit”, then please feel free to do so. It would be really appreciated. If you want to borrow our litter pickers and high-viz vests and be supplied with some rubbish bags, then please phone Geoff on 01606 74587.

After completing a litter pick, please return the gear you have borrowed and let me know where you picked so that we have an idea of what has been done and what still needs doing. You can also leave the bags of rubbish with me and I will organise their retrieval by the Council.

And finally, please remember that you must take responsibility for your own safety. The roads are busy and beware broken glass and other such nasties.