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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Our next coach trip - please let us know which you prefer

The Society organises two coach trips each year, one  to a privately owned property and the other to a National Trust (NT) site. The first of these needs to cover the cost of admission and the cost of the coach. The second, because of the Society’s membership of Civic Voice, allows us one free visit a year to a NT site, leaving just the cost of the coach to cover.  

For our next trip, to an NT site, we invite you to decide which of two sites you would prefer:


Baddesley Clinton is a medieval moated manor house in the heart of the Forest of Arden.  It has good access for those of us with mobility problems.  The journey is a similar distance to the Chatsworth trip and will cost £16.

Kedleston Hall is a Palladian mansion, the seat of the Curzon family, and is near to Derby.  Access is more difficult as the upper floor can only be reached by a staircase. The journey is slightly shorter so will cost £15.

Non-members, as always, are very welcome to join the group but would need to pay the NT entrance charge if they are not already members - £11.00 for Baddesley and £12.50 for Kedleston. 

(They could, of course, join the society for £7.00 ! )

If you have a preference, please reply to me before the end of this month and let me know.  I can then make all the arrangements in good time for a visit on the last Wednesday of September or the first Wednesday in October.   

I will keep you informed.



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