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Saturday, 8 February 2020

Tomorrow's litter pick

According to the weather forecast, there is a 98% chance of rain and high winds tomorrow morning.

I won't be expecting anyone to turn out for the litter pick if the weather is bad.

On the other hand, if the forecasters have got it wrong again, I'll see you there at 10.00am.

Monday, 3 February 2020

Litter pick this Sunday, 9th February 2020

Our next litter pick will be this coming Sunday, at 10.00am. Meet at the bus stop at the end of Walnut Lane, on Chester Road, as usual.

We provide all the equipment and have just taken delivery of a number of shiny new hi-viz vests for us all to wear - we ran out last month when we had more volunteers than vests.

We aim to finish at 11.30am and tend to concentrate on the main roads around Hartford, but if you know of any grot spots that need clearing, let us know on the day.

If any of you would like to take part, but can't make Sunday, we are happy to loan you some kit so that you can do your own litter picking on another day. Just contact Geoff on 01606 74587.

The Daily Mail is organising a Great British Spring Clean, where people can sign up to take part in litter picks during a specific period from March 20th to April 13th. The Civic Society will probably sign up for this, as it is good publicity. However, it does seem to entail a lot of unnecessary bureaucracy for something that we do regularly anyway.

Hope to see lots of you on Sunday.