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Thursday, 10 September 2020

Litter pick this Sunday - STILL ON

 I have just seen the post on Facebook that a planned litter pick in Northwich for Sunday 13th has been cancelled due to the new "Rule of six" restrictions - which don't come into effect until the following day.

I think that is sad because litter picking normally involves only one or two people per route.

With that in mind, I have decided that we should go ahead with our litter pick, but can we all be mindful that social distancing must be observed during the initial meeting up and being issued with the equipment. I suggest we all wear masks until we have moved away from the group.

I will be cleaning all the kit before handing it out and apart from that nothing else will change.

If you are unsure about taking part, simply don't turn up. Better safe than sorry.

And to reiterate, because the sink hole has not been repaired, I will park my car in the car park, so if you don't see me by the bus stop, go to the car park.

See you on Sunday.