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2021 Competition Rules

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      “Hartford Past in a hundred words”

Hartford Civic Society 2021 Competition Rules

We want ideas to include in the notes for our next calendar, or as topics for a future newsletter – any interesting items about Hartford’s past (pre 1980).  We want our competition to encourage you to be curious, do some research, write it up and share it with us.

It might be something that you, or someone you know, can remember.  Or might be something much older.  A date on a building, a name, something on an old map, or something documented in archives.  It needs to have a link to Hartford.

How to enter:

·         Research an idea and write between 90 and 110 words on it.

·         Send it to before 14th August 2021
  (alternatively print it and post it to HCS Competition, 8 Lodge Lane, Hartford, CW8 1PS).

·         Append references, which substantiate your research.

·       Tell us your age, if you will be under 16 on 31st August 2021.  (If under 16, please include a statement from your parent, carer or teacher, that your entry is largely based on your own research and written by you).

·       You can include images or photos, which we might want to use, but the competition is about the idea and the research, not the images.  If you include more notes, giving additional information, it might help us use your idea in a future newsletter, but we will not show them to the judges.

·         You can send in as many ideas as you want, thus maximising your chance of winning one of the prizes.  Please don’t wait until just before the closing date.

·         Provide your full name, address and contact number.  Prizes will only be awarded to Hartford residents, or pupils attending one of Hartford’s educational establishments.


Adults:              1st (£50), 2nd (£35), 3rd (£20), and
Under 16s:        1st (£50), 2nd (£35), 3rd (£20)

Six prizes in total.  Winners will be notified by 6th September.

Judging criteria:

The judges will be looking for:

·         the most interesting, or

·         the most unusual or least well-known topic with links to Hartford’s past, and

·         well written notes (“the hundred words”) giving a précis of your topic, plus

·         references, substantiating your topic, and

·         that it is prior to 1980, with a link to Hartford.


Other information:

If we have more than one entry on the same winning topic, then the judges will use the quality of the words written, and the research evidence supporting them, to choose who gets the prize.

There will be three judges, who will not know who the entries are from.  We will divide the entries into the two age categories (adults and under 16s).  We will not share your idea(s) with anyone else before the judging, other than one of our Trustees tasked with assembling ideas for our 2022 calendar.

Trustees of Hartford Civic Society, or their family members, will not be eligible for any prize.