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Minutes of 2021 AGM

 The minutes of the virtual AGM, held during lockdown in 2021, can be found below:



MINUTES of the Annual General Meeting held via electronic means on the 19th day of April 2021 commencing 7.30pm



Trustees: Tracey Abbott, Brian Evans, Mike Pinchien, John Swaffield, John Szostek, Geoff Wilde. VIRTUAL FACILITATOR. John Swaffield, Hon Secretary


1.            Proxy Votes

The Chair of Trustees, Mr J Szostek, had received a total of 87 proxy votes, as listed attached, from Members and one Member Trustee entitled to vote under Clauses 11 [6](a) and 9 [1] (a) of the Constitution. All 87 had vested voting rights in the aforesaid Chair.

2.            Notice

The statutory period of Notice of the Annual General Meeting had been given to Members.  A quorum of the Members was present via proxy votes.

3.            Ordinary Resolution - Minutes

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 20th April 2020 were taken as read.  Whereupon, Proposed by Mr G Wilde, Seconded by Mr M Pichien, IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the Minutes are hereby approved and adopted. There were no actions arising.

4.            Ordinary Resolution - Charity Trustees’ Report

The Chair of Trustees had previously distributed the Trustees’ Annual Report for the year ended 31st December 2020 to all Members.  Whereupon, Proposed by Mrs T Abbott, Seconded by Mr G Wilde, IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the Charity Trustees’ Report be and it is hereby approved and adopted.  

5.            Ordinary Resolution – Financial Report and Accounts

The Treasurer had previously distributed the Financial Report and Accounts for the year ending 31 December 2020 to all Members.  Whereupon, Proposed by Mr B Evans, Seconded by Mr M Pinchien, IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the said Financial Report and Accounts be and they are hereby approved and adopted.

6              Ordinary Resolution – Retirement/Appointment of Charity Trustees

The Constitution requires one third of the Trustees to retire by rotation each year.  The four Trustees retiring this year were Mrs T Abbott, Mr B Evans, Mrs M Gent, Mr G Wilde.  All four being eligible offered themselves for re-election. There were no other nominations and re-election would not exceed the maximum number of Trustees allowed under the Society’s Constitution. Whereupon, Proposed by Mr J Szostek, Seconded by Dr J Swaffield, IT WAS UNANIMOUSLY RESOLVED that the said persons be and are hereby elected to serve as Trustees of the Society for the ensuing three years.

7.            Special Resolution – Changes to the Constitution

No proposed amendments to the Society’s Constitution had been received.

8.            Any Other Business      

              THERE having been no other business submitted, the Virtual Meeting closed.



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