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2023 Competition Rules

 Our competition for this year will be on the subject of "Life in Hartford".

The rules for the competition are given below. We welcome your entries and wish you good luck.

Life in Hartford

Calendar Competition

Promoted by Hartford Civic Society

Our latest competition is open to your interpretation of ‘Life in Hartford’.

Hartford has always had a vibrant sense of community, with many special and general interest groups.  Even if you don’t belong to one of these, Hartford is a good place to live.

Send us a photo showing what living in Hartford means to you.  This might be a special day, or just an average day.

We will choose the best entries for our 2024 calendar.  Those not chosen for the
twelve months might be used to create a collage for a striking front cover.


1.      Entrants must be a Hartford resident, business, Hartford club or society (a ‘group’), or attend a Hartford school.

2.      Any age can enter.  If under the age of 16, please ensure you have your parent’s/guardian’s permission

3.      The photo needs

      to be in landscape format

      taken by you, unless the ‘entrant’ is a group or business

4.      Individuals, groups or businesses can enter up to 3 photos

5.      If the photo contains a recognisable image of an individual, please get their permission to enter it.

6.      Closing date is 27th August 2023




Six prizes of £40 for the best of the 12 entries chosen




      Send your photo:

-       attached to an email to , or

-       via Messenger (Hartford Civic Society Facebook page), or

-       to HCS Competition, 8 Lodge Lane, Hartford, Cheshire, CW8 1PS

      Include your name, address, phone number/email and age (if under 16), or

if from a group or business, give contact details

      If under 16, please provide your parent or guardian’s details, as you need their permission to enter and for your picture to be used

      Suggest a suitable caption we could use if the photo is chosen

      Enter photos as soon as possible.  We will keep count.  Subsequent substitutions allowed

      Include where and when in Hartford the photo was taken





Three impartial judges will be selected to judge the entries.
They will not know the entrants’ identities, or whether it is from an individual, group, or business, or the suggested caption.

Once a winner is chosen, they will be given these details.  We want the calendar to represent the breadth of activities and life in Hartford, so won’t chose two winners showing the same activity.  This doesn’t exclude different activities by one entrant.

The judges’ decision will be final and winners will be notified
by September 14th 2023.


The judges will be looking for:

      The most appealing photos for the calendar

      For the photos (and caption) to convey an image of life in Hartford

      Photos that might be matched to the four seasons or individual months





1.       Digital photos need to be landscape orientation and of at least 3,508 pixels x 2,480 pixels resolution.  We reserve the right to crop it.  If a print, then A4 size.

2.       It needs to be recent - 2022 or this year. 

3.       If your image features a person or persons, we need you (the entrant) to have received their permission, and by entering you are confirming you have that permission.  We may need signature(s) if we use the photo.

4.       Please advise us should you not wish for your name to be published.

5.       You agree that your photo can be used by Hartford Civic Society for their calendar or their other publications.