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I-Spy Booklet

In the summer of 2023 Hartford Civic Society produced an I Spy booklet.

It is 48 pages of facts and history covering places of interest in Hartford. It’s fascinating how many interesting things there are right here in our village. Even people who have lived here all their life may find something they didn’t know. 

It’s aimed at everyone, but especially youngsters, who can ‘spy’ the places, most of which have accompanying photographs. Points are earned for each find. It’s fun and hopefully you’ll enjoy strolling around the village looking for the listed places.

Copies are £2.00 each and are available for purchase, at time of press, at Littler’s Butchers, The Stores Delicatessen, Hartford and Greenbank Post office and Hartford Golf Club. We would like to thank these retailers for their support.

Copies are also available by emailing